Generator trading is a division of RMCI Group specialized in the sales and rental of power generating sets. RMCI offers standard and customized generating sets suitable for standby/emergency power, prime power or continuous applications.

We mainly import engines that you need, and we understand your specific requirements. Our main Brand is UK Perkins that knows how best to integrate the engine into your specific machine. This saves you time and money, and provides a robust, reliable and precisely optimized package.


RMCI Group and UK Perkins work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver the right engine and aftermarket service solutions. We offer access to detailed local knowledge about operating conditions, emission standards and other issues. Also provide the services of highly trained application engineers from Perkins.


  • Perkins has the right products to meet the needs of all the key sectors in the electric power market. Their engines provide standby generation for factories, offices and shopping malls, and for critical applications in hospitals and at airports.
  • RMCI Group imports Perkin generators to provide engines for prime power generation in remote locations far from the national grid, such as powering telecommunication towers throughout the world.


  • Perkins EP engines give excellent fuel atomization and combustion with optimum economy, as they match the correct types of fuel and air systems to the market needs.
  • Reliable power, low oil usage and low wear rates are hallmarks of Perkins electric power engines. High compression ratios mean you get great fuel consumption and load acceptance in all conditions.


  • RMCI Group and Perkins are with a keen sense of their environmental responsibilities and a determination to follow a policy of sustainable development. Every stage of the manufacturing processes in our facilities has been studied and reassessed to see if there is any way in which it can be made more energy efficient. Sustainability is built into the way we work.