Founded in 2008, we continue to be the industry leader in delivering high-quality products.We are one of the most recognizable brands in Angola market. Our paint factory is constantly delivering trendy, superior and environmentally safe products compliant with strict international standards and regulations.


Our range consists of two main categories Water-based paints and Solvent-based paints which known as “oil-based”. They are mixed in our own factory by our own machines to produce the best quality mixture of paint. They are available for use in any interior and exterior space for any project (Drywall, Ceilings, Doors, Wood, Metal, Aluminum, etc…)
Prestigio is our premium brand manufactured using the highest quality materials imported from several countries worldwide.


  • Water-based
  • Glossy and Matte Solvent-based
  • Textured Paint.
  • Wall Putty Paint.
  • Epoxy/Hardener/Xylene.

Casa du Luxo is a high demanded brand that records the highest sales targets in the Angolan market. Aside from being an affordable brand, Casa du Luxo is known by its long lasting products. Water-based Paint is its primer type.

Our products deliver ease of use, opacity, quality and extra protection from humid weather conditions, as they resist the damaging effects of summer heat and all natural conditions.


Our team consists of consultants, technicians and engineers who support all our customers and offer them advise related to their project conditions; direct customers on the method of project preparation for paint; create a clear working space; determination of the exact amount of paint required; choosing the right materials and colors for their space.


We firmly believe that real growth and progress can only be achieved by creating synergies between people. Cooperation remains the driving force behind our efforts to seek real added-value solutions that deliver on our commitment for quality, performance, safe and sustainable paints and coatings.